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Sculpture Classes with Jane Welsh

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"Jane nailed the perfect balance of theory and practice, and despite her years of expertise and incredible talent, I appreciated her down-to-earth teaching style and genuine sharing of lessons learned along her sculpting journey" Amy

"I loved sharing Jane's studio space with beautiful, creative people. Jane opened up her studio doors and her heart to us and shared her amazing talents. We played, learnt and created in six weeks of magic mud madness. I loved every minute! Now my kids are inspired too!" Carolyn


"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, surrounded by creative, fun-loving souls. Jane expressed her knowledge in an open, warm, friendly environment, teaching us about the qualities & techniques of sculpting with mud, drawing inspiration from within & mother earth, & recreating when your magic mud masterpiece doesn't always go to plan. Loved it, thank you Jane. Look forward to painting classes next! " Alina

"I got a lot of out it. Mainly practical guidance and confidence in having a go as a first timer. I did not know where to start. I have always loved art, but never seen myself as an artist. It was rewarding bringing something that came from my mind to life." Carly


"My experience of Jane's clay sculpture workshop has been excellent. The warm and inviting approach Jane takes with her art translates to the student group. Jane takes you through the basics and begins with a small awakening of the broad and amazing nature of the world of sculpture and working with clay. The experience is very tactile and we have all enjoyed the essence of playing with the clay and creating something with our hands. The sensation of connecting to the process was a nice surprise to me. I will go on to explore this fantastic medium. However I think I will appreciate the work of others on a completely different level than I have in the past. I think I have a new appreciation of the masters and the ancients as well as the great local artists who do fantastic work. I highly recommend Jane's workshops to all who would dare to have fun and relax in a welcoming group environment. The art is the art, however the joys were priceless." Scott


"There is something very meditative about working with your hands. I find myself getting out of my head and just allowing the 'flow' to happen. There is a childlike wonder that comes when I put my hands into the clay. The joy of working with clay is it is so forgiving, you can make a 'mistake' and work with it or change it as you go along. You can also make something quickly and simply. Jane is a delight to work with. She has an obvious passion about what she does and that flows through with her teaching and encouragement." Rebecca


"I've recently been doing Magic of Mud with the delightful Jane Welsh. In my day-to-day life I'm the CEO of a busy community service organisation, a company Director, sector advocate, Board member of state-wide and national organisations, wife and mother. But once a week for about two and half lovely peaceful hours I visit Jane's magical studio and I leave that Kaye at the door. The Kaye that takes her place in the group on a Tuesday night gets to remember what it feels like to squish things, to pound things, to poke and prod and watch dirt transform. I'm not artistic by any measure but there is no doubt that getting your hands dirty, making alien shapes and smelling and feeling the richness of clay stirs something deep inside. Perhaps it takes you back to when clay was a utility that improved your existence by being able to carry food and water. It was an art medium used to tell stories. It was a tool for painting bodies and used in ceremony. It built shelter and kept us safe from predators. Clay has been there since the dawn of our time and for those precious hours in that lovely warm, friendly setting it's just me and the clay, and all of that history is transformed into a smiling fish, a patterned dish or some other wonderful form. The fact that I'm sharing this space and time with others who clearly feel the same way is a bonus. The laughter, the chatter and the encouragement all contributes to the experience. " Kaye


The next Magic of Mud, 6 week clay sculpture course for beginners(one morning OR evening per week)will be in May 2018. Please email Jane at jane@janewelshart.com.au to be the first to hear of the course details and the first to book in. Get in early so you don't miss out.

CLAY PLAY is a weekly informal get together on Thurs mornings for those who already know how to hand build sculptures in clay and want a supportive environment, and some company to play in clay.

Typically people who come to CLAY PLAY have done Jane's MAGIC OF MUD course, but it is not essential. Jane will not be teaching but will be offering support when needed and will be working on her own pieces, so people in Clay Play need to have already learnt how to hand-build hollow forms, suitable for firing.

Next CLAY PLAY: Thursdays 9am-midday from 12th Oct and the following 7 weeks. Cost: $120 for a 6 session pass within this 8 week period, or $25/week casual. Includes: space in Jane's beautiful studio, use of tools, guidance and support from Jane, storage of your work week to week, cuppa and snack and Jane will arrange firing of your piece.

The cost of the clay itself and the firing costs will be additional, and will be charged at Clay Shed prices. To book in please email Jane for her bank details or pay a $50 deposit below.

Crash Course in building clay sculptures that can be fired. This half day workshop gives the bones of the Magic of Mud course, but in crash course style. In just half a day 3 or 4 hours, you'll have enough knowledge and experience in building hollow forms to join the weekly Clay Play sessions with Jane's continued support. $100 per person, request a time that suits you by

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Some Examples of Students' Work: (Click on any image to see larger size versions ).

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